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Marketing and advertising through professional channels

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▶ Company Registration and Permits Applications

▶ Promote your brand and business matching your potential customers

▶ Marketing through professional channels and attend exhibitions on your behalf

▶ Arrange meetings with targeted government agents 

▶ Identify potential business partners for JVs or M&A activities

We strive our efforts to make your business success in China. We are the best resource for you to leverage by offering you variety of necessary services if you expand your international business. The services offered from our professional team includes but not limited to the following:

● China business license registration and manufacturing permit applications

● Matching your potential customers and/or distributors for your business

● Connecting and arrange meetings with targeted government agents if needed

● Help marketing and advertising your business through professional channels and industrial media

● Organize public events for promoting your business such as forums, technical symposium or new product announcement etc.,

● Recommend right industry park for your capital investment with thoroughly analysis

● Identify potential business partners for joint ventures or other form of cooperation

● Outsourcing services available such as IT, Finance, HR, and other functions as needed

● Provide consulting services on Organization Structure, Strategic Planning, Legal and Finance etc.,

● Other services may be available upon request. 


Would you like us to act on your behalf at local to be your hands assisting these business activities for you, for more details, please  Contact Us Now !


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