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Acting as your branch in China


Act as your branch office for your customer or suppliers in China

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▶ Act as your branch office for your customer or suppliers in China….

▶ Designate staff as liaison for communications like your own employees….

▶ Provide office space, meeting room and office supply when your team travelling to China….

▶ Secretarial services like ticketing, interpreter, courier, local logistics etc,…

We act as your own oversea branch office when you work with your counterpart in China, you will enjoy the following services from our professional team:


● Designate office spaces and conference rooms for your business visits to China

● Display your company name and logo at our designated office for you and your customer’s visit

● Reception desk when your customer or supplier calls in your virtual branch office at our location

● Assigned Staff and Secretary to work for your requests like scheduling meetings, making reservations, contacting Chinese manufacturers or partners, negotiation on your behalf etc,.

● Other services may be available upon request. 


Would you like us to act on your behalf at local to be your hands assisting these business activities for you, for more details, please Contact Us Now !


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