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Since 1990, Foreign Business Services Center

Acting as your branch in China

Why choose us


One-stop flexible solution for any business or enterprise worldwide!  We not only save you much time, energy and cost etc in China but also our team will help you expand your business by leveraging our strong resources in China such as recommend suppliers and matching potential customers for your business.


● Act as your own branch office and employees

Provide share space acting as your own oversea office and designated staff like your own employees to take care your business needs

● Native advantage

We are local experts and only native speakers can find out the truth for you in China !

● Trustworth and reliable

We've been an exclusive authorized affiliate by UCTRADE and Trust pass member with many famous platforms home and abroad, we have worked for more than 2600 clients from over 80 countries and areas on the globe so far

● High-efficent

Any feedback shall be replied within 24 hours

Instant communication available 12 hours every day

● Cost-effective

Manufacturing in Asia can save you up to 50%

Employing us in Asia can save you up to 30% more

● ONE-STOP solution

ONE-STOP solution service can save you much more time and cost... 


Our headquarter office is located Shanghai Downtown Office, we also have employees working for us in East China, South and North China, covering almost all the manufacturing bases in China. Our mission is to save you more and reduce the risks in your business in China! FBS - Your own Hands, Office and Support in China!


Would you like to save more time, energy and cost, we act on your behalf at local to be your hands assisting these business activities for you, for more details Please  Contact Us Now



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